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Impressive Transdermals


When varousing for cool piercing pictures I found this guy.  Some people might think oh my god, why would anyone do such a thing can do that. How could anyone get close to him? The way I see it, with all those transdermal he is being smart. Transdermal means a something the jewelry is under the skin but still exposed unlike subdermal implants which are completely under the skin and unexposed.

I doubt that anyone would try and get up in his face in a fight from the fear of being hit by his spikes. Women may be thinking how he could kiss anyone like that. Ladies, I myself find this quite attractive. I don’t know about the rest of you but I see how a girl could get in there to his lips without getting poked.

But, at the same time he does look almost like a sea lion. With the way the sea lions have those thick sharp looking whiskers. But of course sea lions look even friendlier than this guycAW0740a-18(Sea Lion)th4

Still, even after thinking of him as a sea creature I find something scarily attractive. All those transdermal spikes just scream commitment.


Piercings that pay off

Piercings can be more then decoration of ones body. The jewelry some puts through a hole can be useful to them in every day life. I am not just talking about the people that use highlighters as plugs and paperclips to hold their holes after loosing an earring.

extreme-piercingThis gentleman has two steak knives through his nose piercings. They look like good quality knives though. Some people may think this guy is crazy. But when he goes out for a steak he will not have to worry about bad quality steak knives, neither will his date because he is nice enough to have two. I hope to someday find someone as thoughtful and handy as him.

This guy has what appear to be a few metal roasting sticks pierced through his tongue and face. His tongue-piercing-funjewelry choice could be useful in a multitude of situations. Fondue parties, campfires with hot dogs or marshmallows, barbecues with shish kabobs, eating appetizers when there are no toothpicks, cleaning your teeth after a meal, spearing fish, picking up trash, or just stabbing someone in a fight. How could he not be useful to keep around?

This mans jewelry choice is useful outside of the world of food. He has a drill bit actually attached to a drill though his tongue. He would be great on construction sites. Just imagine needing a drill and seeing him. Or being him, he doesn’t have to worry about people taking his drill when he isn’t looking.


Wild Piercing Pictures I Found

Earlier when I was searching for a piercing topic I found lots of interesting piercing pictures. So I am just going to show and write about a few.

PiercingThis first one(left) may not have the thousands of facial piercings like Elaine Davidson but he still has a lot. Also, his are more evenly space so his face doesn’t appear to just be on large hole, no offense Elaine Davidson. Another thing I like about it is he is very consistent with his jewelry almost all rings except for two bars through the bridge of his nose. His ears remind me a janitor’s key ring though, but in a cool way.

This picture(right) I feel is a more pretty way to be heavily pierced. Like the first person she linesuses mostly one type of jewelry, but she differs in the way that it is mostly barbells and a few rings. Also, the fact that her piercings are in nice, pretty much clean lines makes it even better.

This last picture(below) is just wild. This person has their Achilles tendon pierced with a thick bar. So they have obviously had this done for a long time probably to work up to the thicker gauge. This piercing is very rare of course so if you ever are lucky enough to see a brave soul with it done, commend them, for me at least.


Eye Jewelry

eyeJewelryExtraocular Implants or Eye Jewelry Implants are a small, flat jewelry piece place in the eye and are is one of most recent body modifications.
This cosmetic implant got started in 2002 in the Netherlands and when installed properly will not affect any of the eye’s abilities.
The procedure can only legally be done in medical clinics with a few drops of anesthesia to make the eye stay still. Then the cornea is lifted up and the piece is placed underneath. This quick procedure is said to not be painful.
The jewelry is made from platinum alloys and comes in the shape of a heart, music, clover, or star. Other shapes can be custom ordered