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Impressive Transdermals


When varousing for cool piercing pictures I found this guy.  Some people might think oh my god, why would anyone do such a thing can do that. How could anyone get close to him? The way I see it, with all those transdermal he is being smart. Transdermal means a something the jewelry is under the skin but still exposed unlike subdermal implants which are completely under the skin and unexposed.

I doubt that anyone would try and get up in his face in a fight from the fear of being hit by his spikes. Women may be thinking how he could kiss anyone like that. Ladies, I myself find this quite attractive. I don’t know about the rest of you but I see how a girl could get in there to his lips without getting poked.

But, at the same time he does look almost like a sea lion. With the way the sea lions have those thick sharp looking whiskers. But of course sea lions look even friendlier than this guycAW0740a-18(Sea Lion)th4

Still, even after thinking of him as a sea creature I find something scarily attractive. All those transdermal spikes just scream commitment.