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International Tolerance Day

359Today, November 16, is International Tolerance day. First celebrated in 1996 and made n holiday but the United Nations, this day seems to go quite unrecognized. I myself with admit I had not heard of it until recently.

I think the purpose of the event is best summed up in this quote by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. “World peace, like community peace, does not require that each man love his neighbor — it requires only that they live together with mutual tolerance, submitting their disputes to a just and peaceful settlement.” This quote makes a lot of sense. Many people think they are expected to go out and befriend the people who are different from them. But, the main goal of tolerance is just to respect those who are different from us; to consider them a human being of equal important in this world as yourself.

While the United Nations was hoping for people to mostly be tolerant of other religions and races on this day, the same tolerance can also be expected towards people with tattoos, piercings, and extreme body modifications. While one person may think their weirdo neighbor looks even funnier than before with his new subdermal implants he should respect that neighbor either way.

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The A.P.P.

Imagine this scenario; you are going to get a serious piercing, not just an ear or nose stud. You don’t know where good and bad places to go are. You hear this guy’s great but the place is sketchy, then you hear someone say don’t go anywhere near the same guy someone just told you is great. They each have good and bad stories about this piercer. You don’t know who to believe. Or, you are getting a more private piercing and want someone of your own sex to do it. Or, you just want someone who you know is legit. Where do you turn, why none other than the A.P.P.

The A.P.P., or Association of Professional Piercers, is a an international non profit organization that that exists for the purposes of helping people get the best, safest, and cleanest piercings they can. Also, to inform people about piercings, whether they are looking for a piercing, a healthcare professional, piercer, legislators, or just a curious individual.

While based in California, their website is very helpful to viewers worldwide. On the site you can find lists of piercers in the organization categorized by area. They also have aftercare information and piercing health information, things to consider, FAQ’s, the rights of a person getting pierced, and information on jewelry used in piercings.

They also have information from the legal standpoint, merchandise, brochures and other helpful literature, and information about their annual conference held in Las Vegas during the first week of May. If you are looking for a job in the industry they also have a page listing job openings.

Prayer Piercing

PrayerPiercingPrayer and piercings have never been something one would think would be combined. Unless one is praying for a piercing to turn out good and not reject or get infected. But oh just you wait there is the prayer piercing.

The payer piercing is a piercing on the outer edge of the hand and usually done as a surface piercing. Seen best when someone would be praying, hence the name prayer piercing. It looks best when done on both hands. But symmetry may not be for everyone. I am guessing that it could be done horizontal or vertical.

The arguments against this piercing would be that it is a surface piercing which have been known to have a very high rejection rate. That makes me think that someone could easily just get this done as microdermals. There would be a much, much lower risk of rejection. Of course there is still is the risk of the piercing snagging on things, or getting rubbed on things,  due to the area of the hand it is on. When you think about it, that area rubs against a lot of stuff.

Lips Sewn Shut

bloodlip5wo3There are many rituals in extreme body modification. The ritual of Lip Sewing is where a person has their lips stitched shut for a period of time.

First thoughts one might have include, “what,” “That’s crazy,” “why, that looks painful, how do they eat.” To answer the question of eating, it is done as a ritual not a permanent modification or piercing. It is classified sometimes as a “play piercing” which means not an everyday use piercing.

One use for having one’s lips sewn shut is for meditation purposes. With your lips sewn shut you lose the ability to talk, allowing you to focus on relaxation. It could also be 3543348401_a331571019done for aesthetic or plain old entertainment reasons.

Usually sutures are used in the procedure which is done loosely to allow air to pass through. Swelling is typical, but permanent scarring is rare with the quick healing holes.

On January 19th, 2002 nearly 60 detainees in an Australian immigrant camp sewed their lips shut in protest of the slow processing of their visas.

Flesh Staple

FleshStaplingWhen most people think of body piercing they think of a two balls sticking out of someone’s skin, or maybe just one if it is a micro dermal. They do not expect to see the bar of the jewelry sticking out looking like a staple.

Simply put, Flesh Stapling as it is called is pretty much just a long pierce of jewelry made like a staple put into one s skin, but not with a stapler. The staples are flat and put into the skin using a scalpel and skin raiser.

As dangerous as this may look, it is much more likely to heal then pocketing.


npoy-pocketingPocketing is when the bar of the jewelry is exposed instead of the ends of jewelry which are under the skin in “pockets”. It has been called the anti piercing by some.

It looks like a staple of some sort and has not been said to heal well. It is also very likely to reject. It has the success rate to normal surface piercings, which is insanely low.

The jewelry is a custom curved bar with smooth ends instead of balls on the end. It is very important that the bar is made correctly for where it is going or else it will not fit.

Information on Jewlery Materials

There are quite a few different types of jewelry out there that one can put in their piercings. I didn’t really even know all of them so I decided to look it up and tell all of you about them.black_straight_barbell_with_balls_14ga_b

One I had never heard of was PVD (Black Like – Physical Vapor Deposition). It is a biochemical material that is usually used to coat medical devices such as pacemakers. It does not wear as easy as other materials and is good for hygienic wise. It looks very similar to plastic and has a variety of different types of jewelry.

Regular readers will remember that I once devoted an entire post to Organic jewelry. Basically, to review, it is good for the health of the piercing because it lets the hole breathe but does have some slight disadvantages for more information see my post on organic jewelry here.

14k_solid_yellow_gold_belly_button_ring_with_heart_shaped_stone_jeweled_top_ball_bSolid gold jewelry is nice and pretty and is said to only be word in fully healed piercings. It is also very durable. Unlike Gold plated jewelry which just has a thin layer of gold over a filler metal. After extended wear that gold layer can wear off easily, and then cause an allergic reaction for some.

PTFE or Teflon is an amazing biocompatible material that is flexible and safe to wear as a14_gauge_ptfe_tongue_ring_b_0 retainer during medical procedures and x- rays. But they can also be worn for long time use. With some PTFE jewelry you can even shorten it if necessary by cutting to the desired length then using a ball from a piece of steel jewelry rethread the PTFE by screwing the ball on.

Titanium would be a good choice for a metal for a few reasons. It is not as heavy as stainless steel but still quite strong. Also, it agrees well with the body and will not cause any allergic reaction or discoloration of a person’s skin.

Silver cannot be used on any pieces that go insides the piercing hole itself but can be used externally such as on dangly pieces from naval jewelry and for balls on barbells and captive bead rings. Also, if well maintained can hold its silvery appearance for a long time.

steel_ball_straight_barbell_14ga_0_bStainless steel (surgical steel) is one of the most common body jewelry materials. It is also used for medical purposes such as screws to fix bones, drainage valves, and staples. Starter jewelry is usually stainless steel so it must be good.

Acrylic jewelry is usually used for enlarging a healed hole and is considered to be slightly risky i14_gauge_clear_tongue_piercing_nipple_piercing_retainer_with_clear_o_ring_bf scratches are obtained in the plastic. Scratches can inflame the skin and help bacteria grow. Make sure to routinely check acrylic jewelry for such scratches. While prolonged use is not suggested with this material they make good retainers during surgery and other occasions where metal cannot be worn.

All of these types of jewelry are available in many different styles of jewelry such as barbells of all shapes, captive bead rings, and studs in many different sizes.