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Wild Piercing Pictures I Found

Earlier when I was searching for a piercing topic I found lots of interesting piercing pictures. So I am just going to show and write about a few.

PiercingThis first one(left) may not have the thousands of facial piercings like Elaine Davidson but he still has a lot. Also, his are more evenly space so his face doesn’t appear to just be on large hole, no offense Elaine Davidson. Another thing I like about it is he is very consistent with his jewelry almost all rings except for two bars through the bridge of his nose. His ears remind me a janitor’s key ring though, but in a cool way.

This picture(right) I feel is a more pretty way to be heavily pierced. Like the first person she linesuses mostly one type of jewelry, but she differs in the way that it is mostly barbells and a few rings. Also, the fact that her piercings are in nice, pretty much clean lines makes it even better.

This last picture(below) is just wild. This person has their Achilles tendon pierced with a thick bar. So they have obviously had this done for a long time probably to work up to the thicker gauge. This piercing is very rare of course so if you ever are lucky enough to see a brave soul with it done, commend them, for me at least.



Going Green with your Piercings

These days it seems being eco friendly or “green” is more popular than ever. From car to home improvement there are ways to go green in almost every part of life. Organic jewelry is nothing new, jewelry first started as organic in ancient times and tribes. But now has caught on outside the tribal world.


For those with piercings, especially gauged ears, looking for a greener alternative than using steel there are lots of unique, creative options. Organic plugs are widely available and made out of a variety of different materials, such as bamboo, wood, amber, bone, tusk, horn and stone, but most often wood, bone or stone. Organic body jewelry is also available in hangers, labrets, septums, spirals, and probably more.

ericamber jenspiral1

Like with any way of going green there are pros and cons involved. Organic jewelry allows your skin to breathe unlike metal jewelry. Also, it is good for the fistula, the tube of skin inside the body that connects the two holes of the piercing. It allows the fistula grow thicker making it stronger and stay cleaner and not get gunked up. Also, the jewelry tends to be more original than regular metal or plastic jewelry. And, of course it is organic and natural.

Then there are the cons of organic jewelry. First, it is much more fragile and prone to breaking. It can easily crack, warp, and weaken especially if in high heat. It can trap bacteria which can sometimes, but not often, lead to infections.  The jewelry is also very sensitive to chemicals, disinfecting may be rough.

Then there is the ethical debate of the jewelry. Some of the materials come from endangered animals, such as tusks and horns. Should these be taken for jewelry purposes?

After seeing some of these jewelry pieces I was quite impressed. I guess that if not worn to often to avoid breaking they would be fun to wear. Also, in my search of the organic jewelry I did not find a lot of pieces made from animal parts. In the one I found they had a promise on the site that none of the animals where killed for purpose of making jewelry. On all the sites I saw the prices did not seem to be to much different than prices of normal body jewelry.

bamboo plugs

bamboo plugs

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