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Under Arm Tattoos

girl pit tatWhen getting a tattoo and you have decided on a design, there is the decision to make of where to put it on your body. There are so many places it could go depending on the size. Some people also want something that can be concealed for work and visible in their off time. There are many places god for that, such as arms, legs, backs, and arm pits. Wait armpits?

Arm pit tattoos are nothing new. People have been getting them for ages. Many people legseven make their arm pits a joke with their tattoos. But keep in mind this area could be painful and have healing issues. I can only imagine how sensitive the under arm skin is to needles. Especially, when I consider how much it hurt my armpits just having a rash from bad deodorant. Also, you’d have to shave a lot unless the hair would compliment that tattoo.

But, if you can go through the pain of an armpit tattoo you must be tough. To all those who dare to get this done I salute you.












all images are from oddee. com


Foot Tattoos

DSC_0171I hear people ask all the time “What is the most painful place to get a tattoo?” Everyone says the on the sides of the ribs. While I have never gotten inked in my ribs but I did recently get inked on my foot. I now think the foot is one of the most painful places to get tattooed. The ribs have more of a chance to have some padding on them unlike the foot. Which is pure bone on the top, the most common foot tattoo spot.

Foot tattoos, while painful, are very fun and easy to show off, especially if you are a girl. Guys, I don’t mean to alienate you but I just don’t see many men with tattooed feet. The only man I remember seeing with one is Ryan Dunn of Jackass and Viva La Bam. Dunn got a math problem tattooed on him for a scavenger hunt in the first season of Viva La Bam.

Foot tattoos are like any other tattoo accept they can take a little extra time to heal. For aftercare I did exactly what I did with my other tattoos. Basically, just follow what your artist says unless you already have an aftercare method of choice. I will soon be posting an aftercare page.

I did use A&D ointment for the first time rather than using ink fix like with my first two tattoos. I think it was slightly irritating to my skin but it still worked even though I did switch to ink fix after I got it back from my friend. Really, it is just a matter of preference.

When going in for a foot tattoo, remember to wear shoes that will not cover the area of the tattoo. Like ballet flats or sandals. And while it’s healing keep the tattoo uncovered. At least for a week or while the major peeling is happening.

Also, like with any tattoo remember to eat shortly before you get it done. They say you will not bleed as much and have less pain. When I got mine done it was still painful and I ate right before I got it done.

With most tattoos the pain eventually subsides a little. The foot is not like most tattoos. It is also not a big place so smaller tattoos are usually what you will get there. This means less time for the tattoo and less pain. Also, make sure to just relax and hold still. My foot kept moving up and down.

Afterwards, there will be swelling up to a few days. The best thing to do is relax and keep your foot up.

What you Missed by Skipping the Boston Tattoo Convention

-2The weekend is over, everyone is settling back into the week, just like any other Monday right, well unless you where one of the lucky people in attendance at the Boston Tattoo Convention at the Boston Center for the Arts this weekend. Chances are you have a new tattoo to show off and care for today, or some other cool thing from the convention. If not well then it is probably just another Monday for you. L.

Chances are whoever went may have a new tattoo to show off and care for today. Or some other cool thing from the convention, such as new body jewelry or something from Sailor Jewelry.

I got a new tattoo while there. I’ll admit it was very different getting one at a convention versus going to a shop. Whether you go to an artist with a design in mind or artwork on paper, or just went and just came up with something on the spot it was quite different.

At the convention, at least from what I saw, having an appointment was not as important as it is when going to a shop, especially on the last day. Also, prices seemed to be less about how many hours it took, but more what the tattoo itself was. On the last day some artists had reduced prices.

Anyone was able to easily walk around find an artist they liked and get a design drawn up on the spot, get a price, and get the tattoo right then and there. I am sure if someone did have to wait it was probably not to long. Just until another tattoo was done. But tattoos are bad to rush so waiting is understandable.

I got mine by Ms. Mikki who came all the way from Oregon to be there. While looking at her portfolio she also showed be more examples of her work online because she was smart enough to bring a laptop. She did not draw out a design beforehand, she just freehanded it on my skin.



I got a basic sunflower on my foot with a small amount of blue shading around it. I will say foot tattoos do hurt; it was more painful than my calf or shoulder due to all the bones and lack of muscle and fat covering them. (I will post on foot tattoos once it is done healing). It was also weird having people all around, unlike a a shop where it is normally just you

finished foot tattoo

finished foot tattoo

and he artist maybe a few other people.

There were non tattoo related things as well around the convention. Their where many body jewelry vendors, such as Tummy toys. There were also clothing vendors. Of course Sailor Jerry was their. Also, there were a few booths selling supplies for tattoo artists.

Also, there was a Daredevil show and Burlesque show, but I was not lucky enough to se either of these due to only being there for the last afternoon and getting a tattoo for most of time their.

Ms. Mikki can be found on her Myspace page here. She also has a website here

Tattoos and Reality Television

Reality television shows have pretty much taken over everything, fashion, home improvement, singing, dating, and yes even something as cool as tattoos.

In recent years we have seen shows such as Miami Ink, Inked, LA Ink, and this past summer’s Tattoo Highway.  For those who where lucky enough not to watch I will give you a rundown of each.

Miami Ink was of course a tattoo shop in Miami, Florida. I’ll admit I watched it every so often because they did sMiamiInkome decent tattoos but the ones they showed all seemed so similar to each other. I think the show’s goal seemed to be showing what it is like to work at a tattoo shop on Miami Beach.  It also showed a bit of the shop’s artists personal lives. Basically, they had regular issues with employees, picky customers and girls in bikinis from the beach.

01-la-ink-dvdLA Ink was a spin off of Miami Ink when a girl named Kat Von Dee left Miami for Los Angeles opened her own shop which gets a lot of celebrity clientele. It is the most interesting of the tattoo reality shows in my opinion. Mostly to see if any famous people will go into the shop for a tattoo from Kat or one of the other artists. Other than that it is quite similar to Miami Ink, just different artists and locations.

Inked was actually, if I remember correctly, the original tattoo reality show starting around 2004 or 2005. It was about a tattoo shop opening up in the Palms Casino and Hotel in Fabulous Las Vegas. The shop owner was motocross racer Carey Hart (the guy who is on and off with singer Pink if you don’t follow motocross). It focused a lot more on the people working in the shops than on the customer’s tattoos unlike the shows that followed it.


Tattoo Highway is about a tattoo artist, Thomas Pendleton, who was actually on Inked for awhile opening his own shop but with a catch. It was a tattoo shop in a tour bus. He said he wanted to bring the tattoos to the people. He traveled all over the country trying to make his mobile tattoo shop work with a couple of other artists and his wife who was also on Inked for awhile. I personally think he had good intentions with his idea but did not think of his customers’ interests rather than doing tattoos that he wanted to do instead. I saw on multiple episodes Pendleton taking a customers artwork or ideas and doing something completely different that he liked. I never saw a time when the artwork or idea would be bad, they all looked like they where made to be tattoos. He simply just said he didn’t think it would be very good. He was a bit of jerk by not even trying to give them what they really wanted. It really aggravated me, making me hate the show.

I, myself, wish these tattoo shops would keep their business off television. It almost makes me not want anymore tattoos. It is bad television and is just as bad as all the other reality shows on television.