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Bagel Implant?!

bagelhead4Bagels are a delicious breakfast treat that can be enjoyed anytime. Not only are they delicious but they have that particular shape. The thick ring has now even been an inspiration to extreme me body modifications, particularly subdermal implants.

From what I have found out so far they are made from saline injected under the skins, thus classifying them as subdermal implants. They could also be saline injected into bags and placed under skin in desired implants. They can be in various sizes and their can be multiple “bagels” on a person.

I have not found out much on these implants but as I find more I will revise this post.



Hand Web Piercing

Imagine this scenario,  you meet someone and go to shake their hand, you feel something odd between their fingers, thinking it’s a normal ring you look down to see, gasp, a captive bead ring pierced through the skin between their fingers.
Hand web piercings are usually not noticeable until you are looking right in that area. They don not jump out at you like a lip ring or eyebrow piercing would.
They are normally done with a captive bead ring but can a barbell can be used. The common placement for these uncommon piercings is between the thumb and forefinger but can go between any fingers. A good experienced piercer is necessary due to the high rate of rejection due to poor placement in between the fingers.
Hand web piercing is believed to be dangerous but is not. They do have to be cleaned more than a regular piercing due to all the germs that can get in them from all the things we touch with our hands. Healing takes about 3- 6 months. Also, it is good to tape the surrounding fingers together if possible while healing. This will relive stress and pain to the piercing.