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Placing a Tattoo

Tattoo placement can be tricky thing to figure out sometimes when planning up a new tattoo. So many questions can come up. Do I want it to be in a big place so the tattoo can be big? Is this something that should be hidden, what’s the point of a hidden tattoo anyway? And, do certain types of tattoos go good in certain places?
Of course a bigger tattoo will need to be on a bigger part of the body. Many people put bigger tattoos on their backs. I myself never want a back tattoo, no offense to those that have them but if I have to be a contortionist to see it without a mirror or two I don’t want it. But for those who don’t mind a perfect view of their tat, the back could be the perfect place for a big tattoo with lots of detail and good work. Keep in mind; larger back pieces take more than one visit to the artist.
Hidden tattoos are something I am kind of iffy in. I can understand the reasons behind hiding it, looking professional for work and hiding it from parents and grandparents as not to disappoint tattoo naysayers. Also, sometimes it’s nice to have a little something that only certain people get to see. A little piece of you, which can just be yours and not everyone’s that was blessed with sight. A lot of people, me included at times, are not fond of getting a tattoo and wondering where to get it so it isn’t seen by everyone. Half the fun of a tattoo is showing it off anyway. Anyone with a leg tattoo loves when summer comes for shorts so they can show off their ink, I know I do. That’s the fun of a leg tattoo as well. It can be hidden by pants for work but then for free time it can be out; somewhat of a hybrid of hidden and not hidden. The same goes for upper arm tattoos. For anyone wishing to hide their tattoo more often try the back, thighs, stomach, hips, basically wherever your clothes almost always cover.
Most tattoos can go anywhere but some are meant for certain places. As I already said bigger pieces are best placed on the back so they aren’t limited by space. Tribal tattoos usually go well as an arm band around the bicep area. They could also work as an ankle band, along with flowers or stars. Or if you’re willing to take a bit of criticism you could something on the lower back or as many call it the “tramp stamp” area. The best things for tramp stamps are feminine things like flowers and butterflies with something else surrounding it.