Tattoo Aftercare

  1. Listen to what your artist says. They are usually professional and know what they are talking about.
  2. If they have an aftercare ointment available at the shop, get that. If not try to get some inkfixx. It is great for sensitive skin. It was made by tattoo artists, so it is probably the best thing out there. A&D also will work, same also Vaseline. Do not use Neosporin, it is very bad for tattoos,
  3. If the artist puts a bandage on your tattoo leave it on at least until you get home. Then wash with warm soap and water. Make sure the soap is just plain soap, no fragrance or anything.
  4. Pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel and then wait a few minutes.
  5. Now, rub on ointment, it may feel sensitive and hurt a tiny bit but you must do this.
  6. Remember no itching or picking at your tattoo. No matter what.
  7. Also, stay out of pools and hot tubs for about two weeks as well.
  8. Within a few days it will start to peel. This is good, do not freak out. You will notice in where large pieces have come off the tattooed skin is smooth. Continue to rub on ointment until all flaking is done. Usually about two weeks. Some tattoos may take a bit longer.
  9. Once the tattoo is fully peeled use an ultra healing lotion. Vaseline lotion is good, so is Curel and Aquaphor. Keep this up for a month or so after to make sure skin stays smooth.

10. For the rest of your life use sunscreen on your tattoo for sun exposure but you should be using sunscreen on your skin already anyway.


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