Male Lower Back Tattoos

Previously, I thought only women could have lower back tattoos even though I knew men out there had them. But

what about when the man happens to be very attractive. I saw this picture ….

Are tramp stamps really just for women, attractive ones at that, or are they for attractive people of any gender?

Also, what if a man has a large back piece on the bottom half of his back that goes in the lower back tattoo. Does it count as a tramp stamp?

Leave a comment of your thoughts on the matter.

  1. The answer is mute (felt but not spoken). I could give you the long answer but then I would likely be spending more time on this subject than you did.

    Body art is becoming less fashionable in the USA, with interest dropping by about 1/3 per year for the last two years. What shocks me the most is even some tattoo studios won’t hire desk help with extensive visible scarification, or piercings- America “The land of bigots”. Actually I can think of one Canadian bigot who accused me of using photos off of BME without permission- one of his many lies that led to his decline…

    One of my rules of thumb is “Those who ask often have the answer but don’t like it and won’t admit it to themselves.” For example the US department of labor predicts newspapers will be laying off 10,000 people a month until about 2020 at which point it seems paid writers will be about as common as blacksmiths.

    If you aren’t motivated to research a story why not at least make a bold uninformed statement instead of picking a subject for us to write about?

    • Jessica VanGorder
    • January 11th, 2011

    i don’t particularly care to tramp stamps on either gender, but i guess it sort of depends on the body type and the piece.

    but, i also find that tramp stamps have become so undesirable because of the thoughts that society has pretty much stapled to the placement of the tattoo.

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