The A.P.P.

Imagine this scenario; you are going to get a serious piercing, not just an ear or nose stud. You don’t know where good and bad places to go are. You hear this guy’s great but the place is sketchy, then you hear someone say don’t go anywhere near the same guy someone just told you is great. They each have good and bad stories about this piercer. You don’t know who to believe. Or, you are getting a more private piercing and want someone of your own sex to do it. Or, you just want someone who you know is legit. Where do you turn, why none other than the A.P.P.

The A.P.P., or Association of Professional Piercers, is a an international non profit organization that that exists for the purposes of helping people get the best, safest, and cleanest piercings they can. Also, to inform people about piercings, whether they are looking for a piercing, a healthcare professional, piercer, legislators, or just a curious individual.

While based in California, their website is very helpful to viewers worldwide. On the site you can find lists of piercers in the organization categorized by area. They also have aftercare information and piercing health information, things to consider, FAQ’s, the rights of a person getting pierced, and information on jewelry used in piercings.

They also have information from the legal standpoint, merchandise, brochures and other helpful literature, and information about their annual conference held in Las Vegas during the first week of May. If you are looking for a job in the industry they also have a page listing job openings.

    • piercedconsumer
    • November 13th, 2009

    The APP is a great industry organization which has a lot of very helpful information for piercees. It’s offices are in Kansas, though. If you are considering getting a piercing, or looking for more solid information on piercings, consider buying a copy of The Piercing Bible by Elayne Angel. You can buy it from the APP website, which benefits the APP.

    • I don’t mean to be rude but right on the front page of their website it says they are California based, not Kansas. Maybe they have office in both states though.

    • piercedconsumer
    • November 14th, 2009

    They’re a California non-profit corporation. Their offices are in Kansas.

  1. The best way to find a reputable piercer is to contact your local department of health and find out if they regulate body piercing (tattooing, or whatever you are craving), if so you’ll want to make a Freedom of Information request. My local health department actually was very helpful, they gave me the form and cheerfully explained everything to me, it was EASY. You’ll want records as to the history of violations, and verification of how long the artist has been licensed. Consulting with the APP (APT, IBAA, Etc.) as the ultimate authority is likely to result in nothing more than self-promotion.

    Now make a list of your favorite body modification artists, people who you’d have no hesitation to have do work on you; odds are few (OK, usually none) of them will be members of the APP, APT, IBBA, etcetera. Go figure?

    The APP can be considered as a separate matter; they have a financial interest in promoting “The Piercing Bible” (they get a percentage).

    The APP endorsed the NEHA Body Arts book (their letters of endorsement are in the back of the book) but never even mentioned it, instead they created their “Procedure manual” and claimed it to be the best book of it’s kind anywhere at any price, even though it didn’t teach piercing procedures, and the NEHA manual is larger, better, and doesn’t have any grade school level math errors (“The Piercing Bible” has a few clear errors, and bizarre “new age” claims.)

    To learn how to pierce the best book is still probably the Gauntlet Training manual from 1995, but that is out of print, and although Gautlet members founded the APP somehow I guess they want what I consider to be the best book on how to pierce to be out of print- so who gains? Heck it was so good that they even made it so left handed people could hold the book up to a mirror and see all the drawings in left handed view with mirror image text just for them as well! BRAVO Jim Ward!

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