Ear Pointing

ear-sculptingMany people like to wear cat head bands or elf ear headbands for fun. But what if there was a more permanent way to have pointed ears. Of course there is movie make up techniques one could use to achieve the pointed ear look, but this can be annoying and time consuming to apply. There are fake ears you can put over your own ears, but these could alter your hearing and be very uncomfortable. Then we come to the best way to get pointed ears, having your own ears modified with an ear point procedure.

Ear pointing is a somewhat simple body modification. It basically is just removing tissue from the tip of the ear and connecting the two edges with sutures. Some people attempt the procedure on their own but it is best to seek a professional. A bad ear pointing could lead to ear collapse. And, as with any botched job, infections.

634762290_549bf29076Pointed ears are nothing new. Dennis Avner, most commonly known as “Stalking Cat,” has had his ears modified to look like that of a cat for some time now.

Fans of Star Trek will recognize this look from the Vulcans and Romulans. But, for the Vulcan and Romulan actors I’mr_spockm quite sure it was just clever make up.

    • Eric
    • November 8th, 2009

    I love looking at these blogs but one thing I feel I must comment on is the ear pointing. I am a male and when I talk to girls, pointy ears in not something I am expecting or looking for. Please don’t make your ears pointy especially if you’re single. It is neither attractive nor cool looking. If you are an American with pointy ears you now look like a foreign person imported to clean houses or make toys. I am not trying to be rude and I understand this blog posting sounds rude. I am just trying to express my opinion to show how weird pointy ears really are. Maybe the only reason why I don’t think pointy ears work is because I was never attracted to someone with them. Do what you want, It is your body!

    • Eric,

      There are plenty of other jobs for these people other than making toys and cleaning houses. They could be actors, models for more bizarre publications, etc.

        • Eric
        • November 8th, 2009

        Yes, I guess you are right. I was defiantly not giving enough credit to pointy eared people. I just felt they are weird looking on a day to day basis. I think I might get my ears pointed now. I will post a picture and a link to this blog once my ears are abnormal.

      • Let me know when you get it done, I might want to tag along to see the procedure first hand.

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