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I am upgrading/moving this blog

I am taking my blog to the next level, a self hosted site. It will now be located here . I love the wordpress software and will still be using it. But a more comlicated advanced version. This free version is still great for any blogger.


Once again to get to My Finding on Body Art and Modification


International Tolerance Day

359Today, November 16, is International Tolerance day. First celebrated in 1996 and made n holiday but the United Nations, this day seems to go quite unrecognized. I myself with admit I had not heard of it until recently.

I think the purpose of the event is best summed up in this quote by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. “World peace, like community peace, does not require that each man love his neighbor — it requires only that they live together with mutual tolerance, submitting their disputes to a just and peaceful settlement.” This quote makes a lot of sense. Many people think they are expected to go out and befriend the people who are different from them. But, the main goal of tolerance is just to respect those who are different from us; to consider them a human being of equal important in this world as yourself.

While the United Nations was hoping for people to mostly be tolerant of other religions and races on this day, the same tolerance can also be expected towards people with tattoos, piercings, and extreme body modifications. While one person may think their weirdo neighbor looks even funnier than before with his new subdermal implants he should respect that neighbor either way.

for more info on tolerance day

Under Arm Tattoos

girl pit tatWhen getting a tattoo and you have decided on a design, there is the decision to make of where to put it on your body. There are so many places it could go depending on the size. Some people also want something that can be concealed for work and visible in their off time. There are many places god for that, such as arms, legs, backs, and arm pits. Wait armpits?

Arm pit tattoos are nothing new. People have been getting them for ages. Many people legseven make their arm pits a joke with their tattoos. But keep in mind this area could be painful and have healing issues. I can only imagine how sensitive the under arm skin is to needles. Especially, when I consider how much it hurt my armpits just having a rash from bad deodorant. Also, you’d have to shave a lot unless the hair would compliment that tattoo.

But, if you can go through the pain of an armpit tattoo you must be tough. To all those who dare to get this done I salute you.












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The A.P.P.

Imagine this scenario; you are going to get a serious piercing, not just an ear or nose stud. You don’t know where good and bad places to go are. You hear this guy’s great but the place is sketchy, then you hear someone say don’t go anywhere near the same guy someone just told you is great. They each have good and bad stories about this piercer. You don’t know who to believe. Or, you are getting a more private piercing and want someone of your own sex to do it. Or, you just want someone who you know is legit. Where do you turn, why none other than the A.P.P.

The A.P.P., or Association of Professional Piercers, is a an international non profit organization that that exists for the purposes of helping people get the best, safest, and cleanest piercings they can. Also, to inform people about piercings, whether they are looking for a piercing, a healthcare professional, piercer, legislators, or just a curious individual.

While based in California, their website is very helpful to viewers worldwide. On the site you can find lists of piercers in the organization categorized by area. They also have aftercare information and piercing health information, things to consider, FAQ’s, the rights of a person getting pierced, and information on jewelry used in piercings.

They also have information from the legal standpoint, merchandise, brochures and other helpful literature, and information about their annual conference held in Las Vegas during the first week of May. If you are looking for a job in the industry they also have a page listing job openings.

Ear Pointing

ear-sculptingMany people like to wear cat head bands or elf ear headbands for fun. But what if there was a more permanent way to have pointed ears. Of course there is movie make up techniques one could use to achieve the pointed ear look, but this can be annoying and time consuming to apply. There are fake ears you can put over your own ears, but these could alter your hearing and be very uncomfortable. Then we come to the best way to get pointed ears, having your own ears modified with an ear point procedure.

Ear pointing is a somewhat simple body modification. It basically is just removing tissue from the tip of the ear and connecting the two edges with sutures. Some people attempt the procedure on their own but it is best to seek a professional. A bad ear pointing could lead to ear collapse. And, as with any botched job, infections.

634762290_549bf29076Pointed ears are nothing new. Dennis Avner, most commonly known as “Stalking Cat,” has had his ears modified to look like that of a cat for some time now.

Fans of Star Trek will recognize this look from the Vulcans and Romulans. But, for the Vulcan and Romulan actors I’mr_spockm quite sure it was just clever make up.

Tattoos becoming more acceptable in the work place

Here is a recent editorial I wrote for my college newspaper where I am the editor. I thought it would be great to post here.

Tattoos are not just for sailors and criminals anymore; we are seeing them everywhere these days. People of all ages can be seen getting tattoos, from the elderly to the younger generations who are expected to have them.

Tattoos have become more than just a gang sign or to show that someone served in the military. For most people it is a work of art they can carry with them forever, a way to forever capture a memory of something or someone important to them. Or a person could even have tattoos representing their culture. But there is still the question of tattoos being acceptable in the work place.

Some companies still do not approve of tattoos, see them as unprofessional, and assume that whoever has one is unprofessional, which of course is far from the truth. Chances are, if a company does not want its employees to have tattoos, they have a set tattoo policy. If an interviewer sees a potential employee with a visual tattoo, they could allow that to be a deciding factor in whether or not they offer that person a job.

A potential argument to this would be that people should be allowed self-expression, even in the workplace. But companies can limit personal expression as long as they do not limit ones civil liberties. According to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers are allowed to impose appearance policies as long as they do not discriminate against a person’s race, color, religion, age, national origin, or gender.

Other companies are able to look past a persons tattoo and look more at what that person can do for them and the rest of the company. According to Diane Ruksnaitis, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, at Mount Wachusett Community College(my college) there is no policy regarding tattoos for faculty or staff members here.

Some employers have gone as far as allowing “tasteful” tattoos to be visible in the workplace but complications can easily arise with what is the line of tasteful and what is not. Most companies with tattoo policies just prohibit visible tattoos so there is no issue with what is and what is not acceptable.

Employers need to realize that while a person’s tattoo may give hints to their interests and beliefs it does not exactly pinpoint who they are as a worker. It would be very surprising to see a person have their work tendencies tattooed on their body.

In a study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology in 2006, 24% of Americans ages 18 to 50 years old reported having at least one tattoo. That is quite a large amount of people compared to what it may have been even ten or twenty years ago.

Since the percentage of individuals with tattoos is not going to decrease but probably only increase, the workforce is going to have to continue to become more tolerant of employees with tattoos as time goes on. If not they could easily lose the true, best person for the job.

Prayer Piercing

PrayerPiercingPrayer and piercings have never been something one would think would be combined. Unless one is praying for a piercing to turn out good and not reject or get infected. But oh just you wait there is the prayer piercing.

The payer piercing is a piercing on the outer edge of the hand and usually done as a surface piercing. Seen best when someone would be praying, hence the name prayer piercing. It looks best when done on both hands. But symmetry may not be for everyone. I am guessing that it could be done horizontal or vertical.

The arguments against this piercing would be that it is a surface piercing which have been known to have a very high rejection rate. That makes me think that someone could easily just get this done as microdermals. There would be a much, much lower risk of rejection. Of course there is still is the risk of the piercing snagging on things, or getting rubbed on things,  due to the area of the hand it is on. When you think about it, that area rubs against a lot of stuff.