Tricks are for Kids

kid-with-temp-tattoo-190x300The saying “tricks are for kids” can be applied to more than just cereal. Temporary tattoos are a bit of trickery in the world of ink.  Good Quality fakes can look about as good as an okay quality tattoos.

I am not going to lie, temporary tattoos where one of my favorite things as a kid. I really was the kid who put all of a sheet on their body sparking the classic line “You have more tattoos than my mother” from amused adults. Regardless of the joy I got from them as a child I would wear them now as an adult.  Some people may think it would be hard to find an adult with a temporary tattoo. But it is not as hard one may think.

Now a days, anyone can get a henna tattoo at places likes fairs, beaches, among numerous other henna-tattooplaces. Henna, unlike the temporary tattoos of yesteryear, last more than just a few days. Some can even last a couple of weeks. They are just a brownish colored dye that is caked onto your skin in the design of your choosing. Then once it is dry you peel off the cakey ink to reveal what looks like a stamping of the dye.  They are usually inexpensive and do not look half bad. Also, their fade away period is a bit better than that of regular temporaries because they just fade instead of coming off piece by piece.

Either way I still do not think much of temporary tattoos on people that can go into a tattoo shop and actually get ink with a needle. If you are afraid of needles then maybe you aren’t ready for a tattoo. Most permanent tattoos have meaning but they all mean that you where able to sit through the needle for a certain amount of time. Which, I feel, makes a person more deserving of a beautiful tattoo.  I do not mean to be rude, but if you fake a tattoo it does not have even an eighth of the meaning of a real tattoo. Even if it is some kid with a home made tattoo gun that gives them an awful tattoo. Still, that awful tattoo will always mean something to that kid when they look at it. Whether its regret or joy it is still meaningful.


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