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Magnetic Implants

Magnets are now for more than your fridge or finding the paperclips around your office. They can now be placed under your skin to serve numerous functions. I myself found a little surprising but at the same time quite interesting.

These subdermal implants have been around in the dental and reconstructive surgery fields for a while but are still relatively new to the body mod world. Some early reports of magnetic implants came about in the early 1990’s but these implants where quite weak and could not do much. These were more experimental.

In recent years Steve Haworth and Jesse Jarrell have come up with more useful magnetic implants. These magnets have a gold plating and silicone casing to protect the skin. There are a few different kinds.

Sensory implants allow one to feel where there are electromagnetic fields. The magnet under one’s skin starts to move when in the presence of an electromagnetic field. This sixth sense has led people to say magnetic implants could be the first super hero modification.

Then there are sexual implants.  Small magnets are placed in the genital organs of each member of a couple. This creates enhanced sensation for the couple when the locations with magnets touch. The implant would also work for the lips of a couple and kissing.

Symbolic implants are similar to sexual implants but they are usually in the couples hands. This creates an actual physical bond when the two hold hands. This does not however make them get stuck together, the same goes for sexual implants.



Then there are magnetic implants designed to be purely functional. These implants are larger and stronger allowing them to be able pick things up with their implanted magnets. This person would never have trouble finding a paperclip in a desk drawer.

Even the more modern implants do have their downsides of course. But this is true of all body modifications. The silicone casing has been known to rupture in quite a few cases allowing the body to be exposed to the metals and material of the implant.

For more information click here. Still want more, try here.


Boston Tattoo Convention

-2Conventions, as we all know, our ways for people that like something to get together all in one big place. There are conventions for everything from Star Trek to Plumbing and Heating.  And of course there are tattoo conventions. Thank whatever god you may follow, or just whatever your explanation for good things is, for the invention of tattoos and of course tattoo conventions.  Next weekend, (0ct 2-4), Boston will be the thankful ones during the 8th annual Boston Tattoo Convention.

While I have never been to the BTC before I have herd only good things about it. So I am expecting my trip to this year’s convention to be amazing.  I must say I am counting down the days and wish I could go now.

Like past years over 100 artists are expected to be in attendance and there will be on site tattoos and piercings being done.  It is being held at the Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont St.

There will also be Burlesque dancers, the Skyline Cirque, Lucky dare Devil Thrill Show, an oil painting seminar taught Don Henk, Microdermal/ Surface Anchor techniques (piercing), a skin course for tattoo licensure, and tattoo contests.

One of the event sponsors is Sailor Jerry so we can expect some good stuff from them to be floating around, and I don’t think it will just be rum.

Ticket prices are not to bad. Single day tickets are $20 dollars in advance online or $25 dollars at the door. A weekend pass, good for all three days, is $45 online in advance or $50 at the door. For the extra special cool kids there is the V.I.P pass which is good for the entire weekend of course and includes a t-shirt and poster.

A portion of the events proceeds will go to the Cure Autism Now Organization. So this event is more than just a bunch of people getting and seeing tattoos it’s also for a good cause.

This looks like one of the coolest things to do all year in Boston besides a Sox game so get off your buts October 2-4 and get to the Boston Center for the Arts.  The T can take you pretty much all the way. So there’s no excuse of how to get there even.

Impressive Transdermals


When varousing for cool piercing pictures I found this guy.  Some people might think oh my god, why would anyone do such a thing can do that. How could anyone get close to him? The way I see it, with all those transdermal he is being smart. Transdermal means a something the jewelry is under the skin but still exposed unlike subdermal implants which are completely under the skin and unexposed.

I doubt that anyone would try and get up in his face in a fight from the fear of being hit by his spikes. Women may be thinking how he could kiss anyone like that. Ladies, I myself find this quite attractive. I don’t know about the rest of you but I see how a girl could get in there to his lips without getting poked.

But, at the same time he does look almost like a sea lion. With the way the sea lions have those thick sharp looking whiskers. But of course sea lions look even friendlier than this guycAW0740a-18(Sea Lion)th4

Still, even after thinking of him as a sea creature I find something scarily attractive. All those transdermal spikes just scream commitment.

Bagel Implant Update

bagelheadsAs I already told you all in a recent post bagel injections, usually in ones forehead, are a saline injection. But I had not found much information on them beforehand. (original bagel implant post can be found here

These injections are very popular so far in the mod world of Japan. Also, the injection is only temporary lasting about 24 hours so for a more permanent bagel a person would have to get it bagel-headdone again and again. This could be annoying but good for someone who is not sure they want a permanent implant. A person could probably get a silicone implant in this shape.

There is a risk of infection and irritation, headache, discoloration of the skin where the injection is, and stretching of the skin.

Tricks are for Kids

kid-with-temp-tattoo-190x300The saying “tricks are for kids” can be applied to more than just cereal. Temporary tattoos are a bit of trickery in the world of ink.  Good Quality fakes can look about as good as an okay quality tattoos.

I am not going to lie, temporary tattoos where one of my favorite things as a kid. I really was the kid who put all of a sheet on their body sparking the classic line “You have more tattoos than my mother” from amused adults. Regardless of the joy I got from them as a child I would wear them now as an adult.  Some people may think it would be hard to find an adult with a temporary tattoo. But it is not as hard one may think.

Now a days, anyone can get a henna tattoo at places likes fairs, beaches, among numerous other henna-tattooplaces. Henna, unlike the temporary tattoos of yesteryear, last more than just a few days. Some can even last a couple of weeks. They are just a brownish colored dye that is caked onto your skin in the design of your choosing. Then once it is dry you peel off the cakey ink to reveal what looks like a stamping of the dye.  They are usually inexpensive and do not look half bad. Also, their fade away period is a bit better than that of regular temporaries because they just fade instead of coming off piece by piece.

Either way I still do not think much of temporary tattoos on people that can go into a tattoo shop and actually get ink with a needle. If you are afraid of needles then maybe you aren’t ready for a tattoo. Most permanent tattoos have meaning but they all mean that you where able to sit through the needle for a certain amount of time. Which, I feel, makes a person more deserving of a beautiful tattoo.  I do not mean to be rude, but if you fake a tattoo it does not have even an eighth of the meaning of a real tattoo. Even if it is some kid with a home made tattoo gun that gives them an awful tattoo. Still, that awful tattoo will always mean something to that kid when they look at it. Whether its regret or joy it is still meaningful.


Piercings that pay off

Piercings can be more then decoration of ones body. The jewelry some puts through a hole can be useful to them in every day life. I am not just talking about the people that use highlighters as plugs and paperclips to hold their holes after loosing an earring.

extreme-piercingThis gentleman has two steak knives through his nose piercings. They look like good quality knives though. Some people may think this guy is crazy. But when he goes out for a steak he will not have to worry about bad quality steak knives, neither will his date because he is nice enough to have two. I hope to someday find someone as thoughtful and handy as him.

This guy has what appear to be a few metal roasting sticks pierced through his tongue and face. His tongue-piercing-funjewelry choice could be useful in a multitude of situations. Fondue parties, campfires with hot dogs or marshmallows, barbecues with shish kabobs, eating appetizers when there are no toothpicks, cleaning your teeth after a meal, spearing fish, picking up trash, or just stabbing someone in a fight. How could he not be useful to keep around?

This mans jewelry choice is useful outside of the world of food. He has a drill bit actually attached to a drill though his tongue. He would be great on construction sites. Just imagine needing a drill and seeing him. Or being him, he doesn’t have to worry about people taking his drill when he isn’t looking.


Bagel Implant?!

bagelhead4Bagels are a delicious breakfast treat that can be enjoyed anytime. Not only are they delicious but they have that particular shape. The thick ring has now even been an inspiration to extreme me body modifications, particularly subdermal implants.

From what I have found out so far they are made from saline injected under the skins, thus classifying them as subdermal implants. They could also be saline injected into bags and placed under skin in desired implants. They can be in various sizes and their can be multiple “bagels” on a person.

I have not found out much on these implants but as I find more I will revise this post.