TattooNOWHeader60In my last post I talked about a general body modification site. This time I thought I would tell you all about one of my favorite websites to do with all things tattoo. … TattooNow.

TattooNow, unlike, is less of a social site and more of a spot fbirds-ribs-tattooor artists to showcase their work. Also, people can see the tattoos posted and get inspirations and ideas for their own tattoos. Or find a shop near by them that does work that they like. Visitors to the site can choose to see tattoos by state so they don’t have to worry about loving an artist’s work only to find out they are thousands of miles away. Or they can just look through tattoos by categories such as tribal, color, black and white, etc. Or, you could be like me, and just look through all the tattoos so you get to see it all.

The site also features people’s original art, tattoo flash, videos, and news of upcoming tattoo conventions. I like to go on the site sometimes in my free time and just look at the recent tattoo pictures. The only problem with that is it makes me want more and more tattoos. Which all cost money.

Click here for TattooNow

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