A social networking site for modified people.

Bodymodifications.net is a site for people with modifications of all kinds. From piercings, tattoos, to larger modifications like implants all are accepted here.

It is like a Flickr or other photo sharing site but for pictures of other body modifications. The most popular feature would be being able to see peoples pictures but members can also send messages to one another and instant messages from the site. This could be great for someone who isn’t sure they are ready to take the plunge and get a new thing done. It is also good to show off work you have done or you have done on other people. If a person does not upload modification pictures they cannot be a member that is visible.

In the FAQ section of the site they have a list of site stats. The site is 37% male, 51% female. I guess the remaining 12% are undeclared. The average member age is 23.61. The country with the most active members is Finland with about 2,608. Brazil is in second with 424 active members.

Here is the main page of bodymodifications.net

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