1175201991-suspensionSuspension is when hooks are temporarily pierced through a person’s skin and they are hung up voluntarily by said hooks.
People practice suspension for many different reasons. Some for spiritual purposes, others do it to feel like they are more than their body. Others enjoy the sensation, some suspend for the endorphins and adrenaline rush they get. Some do it just to try something new.
Many people practice suspension in groups. This sounds like a good idea instead of doing it alone or with just someone there to pierce you and hang you. In a group you can share the experience and be a bit safer for something that could be dangerous if done wrong.
The most common for of suspension is known as suicide suspension which is hooks pierced through the back. Other kinds have hooks going through the chest, torso, calves, elbows, knees, and face.
There are many risks involved with suspension and a person should also being not only physically prepared for suspension but mentally. If you are wishing to try this ritual you should research it on your own first and make sure you really want it and are not just going through a phase.

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