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Information on Jewlery Materials

There are quite a few different types of jewelry out there that one can put in their piercings. I didn’t really even know all of them so I decided to look it up and tell all of you about them.black_straight_barbell_with_balls_14ga_b

One I had never heard of was PVD (Black Like – Physical Vapor Deposition). It is a biochemical material that is usually used to coat medical devices such as pacemakers. It does not wear as easy as other materials and is good for hygienic wise. It looks very similar to plastic and has a variety of different types of jewelry.

Regular readers will remember that I once devoted an entire post to Organic jewelry. Basically, to review, it is good for the health of the piercing because it lets the hole breathe but does have some slight disadvantages for more information see my post on organic jewelry here.

14k_solid_yellow_gold_belly_button_ring_with_heart_shaped_stone_jeweled_top_ball_bSolid gold jewelry is nice and pretty and is said to only be word in fully healed piercings. It is also very durable. Unlike Gold plated jewelry which just has a thin layer of gold over a filler metal. After extended wear that gold layer can wear off easily, and then cause an allergic reaction for some.

PTFE or Teflon is an amazing biocompatible material that is flexible and safe to wear as a14_gauge_ptfe_tongue_ring_b_0 retainer during medical procedures and x- rays. But they can also be worn for long time use. With some PTFE jewelry you can even shorten it if necessary by cutting to the desired length then using a ball from a piece of steel jewelry rethread the PTFE by screwing the ball on.

Titanium would be a good choice for a metal for a few reasons. It is not as heavy as stainless steel but still quite strong. Also, it agrees well with the body and will not cause any allergic reaction or discoloration of a person’s skin.

Silver cannot be used on any pieces that go insides the piercing hole itself but can be used externally such as on dangly pieces from naval jewelry and for balls on barbells and captive bead rings. Also, if well maintained can hold its silvery appearance for a long time.

steel_ball_straight_barbell_14ga_0_bStainless steel (surgical steel) is one of the most common body jewelry materials. It is also used for medical purposes such as screws to fix bones, drainage valves, and staples. Starter jewelry is usually stainless steel so it must be good.

Acrylic jewelry is usually used for enlarging a healed hole and is considered to be slightly risky i14_gauge_clear_tongue_piercing_nipple_piercing_retainer_with_clear_o_ring_bf scratches are obtained in the plastic. Scratches can inflame the skin and help bacteria grow. Make sure to routinely check acrylic jewelry for such scratches. While prolonged use is not suggested with this material they make good retainers during surgery and other occasions where metal cannot be worn.

All of these types of jewelry are available in many different styles of jewelry such as barbells of all shapes, captive bead rings, and studs in many different sizes.



TattooNOWHeader60In my last post I talked about a general body modification site. This time I thought I would tell you all about one of my favorite websites to do with all things tattoo. … TattooNow.

TattooNow, unlike, is less of a social site and more of a spot fbirds-ribs-tattooor artists to showcase their work. Also, people can see the tattoos posted and get inspirations and ideas for their own tattoos. Or find a shop near by them that does work that they like. Visitors to the site can choose to see tattoos by state so they don’t have to worry about loving an artist’s work only to find out they are thousands of miles away. Or they can just look through tattoos by categories such as tribal, color, black and white, etc. Or, you could be like me, and just look through all the tattoos so you get to see it all.

The site also features people’s original art, tattoo flash, videos, and news of upcoming tattoo conventions. I like to go on the site sometimes in my free time and just look at the recent tattoo pictures. The only problem with that is it makes me want more and more tattoos. Which all cost money.

Click here for TattooNow

A social networking site for modified people. is a site for people with modifications of all kinds. From piercings, tattoos, to larger modifications like implants all are accepted here.

It is like a Flickr or other photo sharing site but for pictures of other body modifications. The most popular feature would be being able to see peoples pictures but members can also send messages to one another and instant messages from the site. This could be great for someone who isn’t sure they are ready to take the plunge and get a new thing done. It is also good to show off work you have done or you have done on other people. If a person does not upload modification pictures they cannot be a member that is visible.

In the FAQ section of the site they have a list of site stats. The site is 37% male, 51% female. I guess the remaining 12% are undeclared. The average member age is 23.61. The country with the most active members is Finland with about 2,608. Brazil is in second with 424 active members.

Here is the main page of

Wild Piercing Pictures I Found

Earlier when I was searching for a piercing topic I found lots of interesting piercing pictures. So I am just going to show and write about a few.

PiercingThis first one(left) may not have the thousands of facial piercings like Elaine Davidson but he still has a lot. Also, his are more evenly space so his face doesn’t appear to just be on large hole, no offense Elaine Davidson. Another thing I like about it is he is very consistent with his jewelry almost all rings except for two bars through the bridge of his nose. His ears remind me a janitor’s key ring though, but in a cool way.

This picture(right) I feel is a more pretty way to be heavily pierced. Like the first person she linesuses mostly one type of jewelry, but she differs in the way that it is mostly barbells and a few rings. Also, the fact that her piercings are in nice, pretty much clean lines makes it even better.

This last picture(below) is just wild. This person has their Achilles tendon pierced with a thick bar. So they have obviously had this done for a long time probably to work up to the thicker gauge. This piercing is very rare of course so if you ever are lucky enough to see a brave soul with it done, commend them, for me at least.


Tattoos for Smartasses

belly_button_tattooA smartass can make anything funny. They can even get smartass tattoos. Before they just used funny designs, now they have made their tattoos even more smartassy.

Normally tattoos on a persons belly are reserved for girls with tight stomachs, now people get tattoos around their belly buttons over the hole. The trick is to get belly_tattoo-243x300something like an animal turned around. So the bellybutton is becomes a butt of the tattoo. These clever tattoos are not just restricted to animals. A goofball could always get a tattoo of a person bent over. I also saw some of women lying on their backs spreading their legs. Guess what the belly button hole represents.

So if you’re a goofball looking for a funny tattoo let hope you don’t have an inee .


Eye Jewelry

eyeJewelryExtraocular Implants or Eye Jewelry Implants are a small, flat jewelry piece place in the eye and are is one of most recent body modifications.
This cosmetic implant got started in 2002 in the Netherlands and when installed properly will not affect any of the eye’s abilities.
The procedure can only legally be done in medical clinics with a few drops of anesthesia to make the eye stay still. Then the cornea is lifted up and the piece is placed underneath. This quick procedure is said to not be painful.
The jewelry is made from platinum alloys and comes in the shape of a heart, music, clover, or star. Other shapes can be custom ordered


1175201991-suspensionSuspension is when hooks are temporarily pierced through a person’s skin and they are hung up voluntarily by said hooks.
People practice suspension for many different reasons. Some for spiritual purposes, others do it to feel like they are more than their body. Others enjoy the sensation, some suspend for the endorphins and adrenaline rush they get. Some do it just to try something new.
Many people practice suspension in groups. This sounds like a good idea instead of doing it alone or with just someone there to pierce you and hang you. In a group you can share the experience and be a bit safer for something that could be dangerous if done wrong.
The most common for of suspension is known as suicide suspension which is hooks pierced through the back. Other kinds have hooks going through the chest, torso, calves, elbows, knees, and face.
There are many risks involved with suspension and a person should also being not only physically prepared for suspension but mentally. If you are wishing to try this ritual you should research it on your own first and make sure you really want it and are not just going through a phase.

For more information click here