Pigs with Tattoos

228795_16I have discussed a lot of topics here but now I think I am about to talk about the most interesting one yet, Tattooed animals. What yes tattooed animals? And I’m not just talking about a brand for livestock to indentify which farm they belong too.

Last week on the internet I found a picture of pigs with tattoos. I was shocked at first not knowing if this was right to do to an animal. But, is there anything wrong with it besides the animal not having any say in getting inked.

photo by Gianluca Menna

photo by Gianluca Menna

It turns out pigs are common animals to get tattooed.  One artist said he likes to tattoo the pig young because the design stretches well as the pig grows. The pigs are usually sedated while being tattooed. I just wonder what if after the pig has died, can it still be eaten.

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