Lizard Man

LizardManErik Sprague aka Lizard Man is another very heavily modified person. Transforming himself using tattoos and body modifications. He has scales tattooed all over most of his body, a split tongue, sharpened teeth, inked green lips, subdermal implants over his brows, and various piercings.

Sprague is most commonly known for his sideshow appearances as a human oddity doing all sorts of things such as fire eating to sword swallowing. He even has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show.

The Lizard Man is more than just a sideshow performer though. He has a Bachelors degree in philosophy and was a PhD candidate before starting his transformation. He also writes for Body Modification Magazine and is very involved in the body mod community. He has been known to participate in public as well as private suspension hook hangings.

He is said to be planning on trying to get a tail for his next modification

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