Infected Piercings

When piercings get infected it doesn’t always start as a big gross mess. At first it will be red and painful, not green or yellow.  Some people might not know when their piercing is infected, especially when its new. Or what to do when they get an a infected piercing.

Infected piercings will have redness around the hole, pain, prolonged bleeding during healing, yellow or green pus, and feeling hot to touch.

If your piercing becomes infected and it is still in the early stages of infection don’t take the jewelry out. The holes will heal with the infection still inside. Use sea salt mixed with water (about 1/8 of teaspoon mixed with a cup of water) and soak the area a few times a day. If it doesn’t start to clear up in a few days call your piercer. If that isn’t possible and it just gets worse see a doctor.

    • DK Miller
    • July 9th, 2009

    That is good advice, though I must admit I physically shuddered at the site of that infected tounge piercing.

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