Inner Lip Tattoo

Most tattoo fans love a big colorful tattoo that they can easily see, I know I usually do. But what about one people can’t see so easily. No, I’m not talking about a butt tattoo; I’m talking about an inner lip tattoo.

This area only continues to grow in popularity even with only being visible when the lips are pulled up or down and somewhat limiting the size of that tattoo that goes there. Playboy Playmate Jade Nicole and Reality TV star Brody Jenner (The Hills) are even said to have each others initials tattooed on their inner lips.

Done usually on the bottom lip these small tattoos are done almost exclusively in black. They are usually very small designs or words and phrases.

Inner lip tattoos are said to not be very painful at all and have similar aftercare instructions to a tongue piercing. Which includes rinsing mouth after meals and smoking and not eating for a few hours after the tattoo is done. Also, putting up with the taste of ink and blood mixed together for a little while afterwards.

There is a downside of this fun little secret of a tattoo besides the size limits and being harder to showoff. They are quite prone to fading. More than likely they will need to be redone before they really hold up. Usually it takes 3-4 touchups for it to really hold. But, some shops will do free touchups on tattoos they did originally. But do not base your decision on that detail alone. Make sure to find a tattoo artist who has experience with tattooing inner lips.

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