Tongue Splitting

Split tongues are not unimaginable to be seen on things like snakes, dragons and lizards, But what about humans? Now, there is a type of body modification called tongue splitting with a lateral cut in the tongue splitting into two pieces.
Tongue splitting first started showing up in the 1990’s like most other body modifications outside of tribal modifications.  One popular split tongue belongs to body modification personality “Lizard Man” who has made himself over to look like a lizard. The procedure is said to be banned in the U.S. Military so it can be an underground thing sometimes.
The procedure is most commonly done by an oral surgeon with a surgical laser or by a modification artist with a scalpel. When done by a surgeon the procedure is done anesthesia and takes about fifteen minutes.
When done with scalpel it is said to be better for those who have already had a larger gauged tongue piercing in place. In all methods the tongue is split from the tip part way back, about maybe one third of the way back from what I have seen right on the center line of the tongue.
For a more natural rounded shape to the halves it is good to have sutures on the inside edges from top to bottom during healing so “tongues” are not sharp and jagged looking. Full healing is normally done within a month.
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