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Eyelid Piercing

eyelid_piercing5What is one of the most extreme facial piercings you can get, in my opinion an eyelid piercing? That’s right people pierce their eyelids.

Done of the side of the eyelid (inside or outside), the rare piercing is said not to be irritating to the eye. It looks very risky to your eyes, which are very important of course for sight. A captive bead ring is usually used. But a curved barbell can also be used. Of course make sure to find a piercer experienced in this piercing.eyelid_piercing

The morning after this piercing will be very red and it is very important to follow aftercare exactly due to the fragile state of the eye. Healing should take a few weeks.

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Pigs with Tattoos

228795_16I have discussed a lot of topics here but now I think I am about to talk about the most interesting one yet, Tattooed animals. What yes tattooed animals? And I’m not just talking about a brand for livestock to indentify which farm they belong too.

Last week on the internet I found a picture of pigs with tattoos. I was shocked at first not knowing if this was right to do to an animal. But, is there anything wrong with it besides the animal not having any say in getting inked.

photo by Gianluca Menna

photo by Gianluca Menna

It turns out pigs are common animals to get tattooed.  One artist said he likes to tattoo the pig young because the design stretches well as the pig grows. The pigs are usually sedated while being tattooed. I just wonder what if after the pig has died, can it still be eaten.

Teeth Filing

Sumatran girlToothfiling is the practice of reshaping ones teeth to get a certain shape, usually all pointed teeth.

The best way to get this procedure done is to go to a dental professional, doing the procedure at home can possibly forever damage ones teeth. A dentist will be able to give you an anesthetic or another pain reducer. They can also tell you any risks associated with the procedure. It is said to be about as painful as getting a tooth drilled.

Teeth filing is mostly practiced in Indonesia, the Philippines, and parts of Africa but is said to have also have been practiced by the ancient Mesoamericans in their time.

The procedure does have its benefits as crazy as that sounds. It is said to reduce the risk of cavities and other dental problems. This is also said to be one of the reasons why some people have their teeth filed.

Filed teeth can be reversed but it is much more painful to have it reversed than to have it done to begin with. So, if you get your teeth filed make sure you really want it.

Teeth filing should not be confused Vampire teeth were caps are placed on top toothfiling-tmof teeth.

Needle Piercing vs Gun Piercing

better piercing gunMany people who had their ears pierced as a kid or went to the mall, have most likely seen the piercing gun. But for piercings done at tattoo shops and done at home are usually done with a needle. Surprisingly, the needle at home are probably better then the gun.

One main argument against the gun is that it cannot be autoclaved, a sterilizing machine for needles. The gun, which is normally made with plastic, can only be wiped clean with a disinfectant after each piercing. But that is not as thorough at cleaning as the autoclave machine.

Another argument against the gun is that the people that use it have not been very well trained beforehand, some say they only went through two weeks of training on teddy bears and barely got to use the gun themselves. A professional body piercer has a training program that can take a few years not a few weeks.Piercing_needle

The gun, while possibly infected, and used by poorly trained people, is a lot cheaper to pierced by, usually just a few dollars with the jewelry included. A needle piercing will be almost twice as much. Also, the gun will not look as scary to some people, such as young children getting their first piercing, as a needle would. The more scared they get the more pain they will think they are in. The gun would be best used on small children and people with low pain tolerance.

Tattoos in the Circus

circus_poster1900The popularity of tattoos did not just come from sailors and island tribes. In the 19th and early 20th centuries the circus gave a big boost to the popularity of tattoos.

It all started in the early nineteen hundreds  when a tattooed man, which was very rare for the times, went to work for a circus. Circuses soon started to compete with each other over whose tattooed performers had the best ink. The major circuses would all have about three tattooed performe1950circustattooposterrs at all times. There would be tattoos in the freak shows and regular circus acts.

Tattoo artists would even travel with the circus over the summer. The circus was great publicity for them and a free showcase for their work. They where also usually paid by the circus.

The debut of the cross country railroad around 1869 brought circuses to even more people than before and even more people to be mesmerized by the tattooed performers.

In the 1890s, the new electric tattoo machines made getting tattoos much easier and more tattooed people showed up to work at the circus. By 1920, it is said that there where 300 circus performers who had full body tattoos and many where making as much as $200 a week, a lot of money for back then of course.

circus_postcard1 charles_wagner_ringling_bros1915

Lizard Man

LizardManErik Sprague aka Lizard Man is another very heavily modified person. Transforming himself using tattoos and body modifications. He has scales tattooed all over most of his body, a split tongue, sharpened teeth, inked green lips, subdermal implants over his brows, and various piercings.

Sprague is most commonly known for his sideshow appearances as a human oddity doing all sorts of things such as fire eating to sword swallowing. He even has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show.

The Lizard Man is more than just a sideshow performer though. He has a Bachelors degree in philosophy and was a PhD candidate before starting his transformation. He also writes for Body Modification Magazine and is very involved in the body mod community. He has been known to participate in public as well as private suspension hook hangings.

He is said to be planning on trying to get a tail for his next modification

Elaine Davidson : Most Pierced Woman in the World

“I like pain, I love pain,” Elaine Davidson, the world record holder for most piercings on a woman, once said.

Davidson is originally from a Brazil but now resides in Scotland and is a former nurse. Since 2000 she has been examined by Guinness World Record Officials 5 times and as of January 2009 she had 6005 piercings, most of which in her genitalia areas. She never removes her piercings and sleeps comfortably with all of them. It is also said that she does not drink alcohol, take drugs, or smoke cigarettes.