I mention rejection a lot , because it is risky with piercings of course, but I have not explained what it is very much, or explained what can cause it or what to do when it happens.

Rejection is when your body tries to push out the jewelry like it would any foreign object. Like a splinter. It is expected during healing but can happen at anytime in the life of a piercing. It is most common with surface, naval, and eyebrow piercings. Piercings that get rejected will almost always leave a scar.


Causes of Rejection
• Bad placement
• Blood flow
• Irritation
• Abuse( playing with jewelry being touched by hands and other objects to much)
• Movement
• Poor personal health
• Pressure
• Injury

If rejection has occurred you will know when the skin around the holes is red and possibly inflamed and when more of the jewelry is exposed than normal. If rejection has occurred see your piercer or another piercer to have jewelry removed before jewelry comes completely out of body, and for healing advice.

  1. November 2nd, 2009

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