Old Skool vs Custom

One of my favorite things about tattoos is showing it to other people and seeing their tattoos. You never know what you might find on someone. There could be a beautiful custom design that blows your mind, or and a classic from the old school days. Both kinds are great and have good and bad things about them. Neither one is better than the other.

Tattoos have come along way since their beginnings. Now instead of being controls tapped with a needle from something outside and a stick we have machines. Color isn’t so rare, there are more styles and designs than are ancestors could ever imagine. The styles today are amazing, but we still have old styles of yester year. The most popular is the old school style of tattoos. You know skulls, pinup girls, military tattoos, roses, hearts, and stars. These tattoos are very popular even now; everyone should be able to appreciate a classic old school tattoo.

 Many people think having a tattoo that everyone else has is bad. No one wants to show up somewhere and have the same tattoo as someone else. Old school tattoos are mostly found on flash walls (designs in tattoo shops that have many pre drawn deigns for customers to choose form if not wanting a custom drawn design). While those designs are some of the groundbreakers of modern tattooing (tattoo machine era) you have to wonder how many other people are going to have that same tattoo.

Custom tattoos are beautiful no matter what the design is. The beauty comes from the fact that is yours and yours alone. No one else is going to show up to a party with that tattoo. It’s hard to compete with that.

But they don’t have they don’t have the connection to the earlier days of modern tattooing. When you meet someone with an older tattoo gotten back when old school was new that is like one on you it must be pretty cool.I love having tattoos that where drawn custom for me that no one else has, but I have always loved the old school panthers and sugar skull tattoos. They have a certain charm that I can’t seem to explain.

    • DK Miller
    • June 21st, 2009

    Very cool! I'm in the process of getting a Japanese style tat on my back. I'll have to share pics.

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