Pierced Cheeks

A person’s cheeks can be the cutest part of them, especially when they have dimples. But if a person doesn’t have those desired dimples on their face they can get them with a piercing.

Cheek piercings can form a dimple on the cheeks of people without them. But don’t count this piercing out if you already have a dimple, they look cute on anyone. Well as cute as a piercing can be.
This piercing was made popular by TLC L.A. Ink’s Pixie Acia who has a small very cute face that is great for cheek piercings
  The piercing is right at the sweet spot on the mouth. To find your sweet spot place your finger (remember to wash your hands first) in your mouth with the fingertip at the back of your mouth and drag into a hook shape. Where your finger tip ends is the sweet spot.   

Labret studs are normally used for jewelry. The flat backs are to reduce any damage that could be caused to teeth and gums. There will be lots of swelling so longer jewelry will be used for starter jewelry but can be replaced by shorter jewelry once the healing period is over. Like any oral piercing, the holes will take a long time to heal due to all the tissue.

As with any less common piercing make sure your piercer has experience with successful cheek piercings. Also, the piercing should not be further back than first molars.

    • Breana
    • December 30th, 2010

    I’m Wanting To Get MY Cheeks Pierced , And Im Wanting To Know How Bad It Hurts?

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