Getting the Inspector Gadget Look without Surgery

Have you ever wanted to look like Inspector Gadget with all his machinery that replaced his body parts? While having a mechanical body may be a little out of the average Joe’s budget you could get that mechanical robot style look for the price of a tattoo with a Biomechanical tattoo.

This style of tattoos incorporates images of body parts and mechanical parts usually. Some can be all body parts having the look of being exposed; some are all mechanical parts appearing to be exposed from the inside. Most commonly they are black and grey but can have color and usually feature very intricate designs. They are usually on upper arms, backs, and legs but are also seen frequently on feet and hands.

Biomechanical tattoos were very popular during the 1980’s but are gaining in popularity again these days. I think it is due to more people wanting a tattoo that is different from most other peoples.

All images from Biomechanical Tattoo Gallery

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