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I mention rejection a lot , because it is risky with piercings of course, but I have not explained what it is very much, or explained what can cause it or what to do when it happens.

Rejection is when your body tries to push out the jewelry like it would any foreign object. Like a splinter. It is expected during healing but can happen at anytime in the life of a piercing. It is most common with surface, naval, and eyebrow piercings. Piercings that get rejected will almost always leave a scar.


Causes of Rejection
• Bad placement
• Blood flow
• Irritation
• Abuse( playing with jewelry being touched by hands and other objects to much)
• Movement
• Poor personal health
• Pressure
• Injury

If rejection has occurred you will know when the skin around the holes is red and possibly inflamed and when more of the jewelry is exposed than normal. If rejection has occurred see your piercer or another piercer to have jewelry removed before jewelry comes completely out of body, and for healing advice.


A Tattoo for Balding Heads

Rogaine, toupees, and hair plugs, all ways to get back your hair, but now there’s a new better way. Getting hair tattooed on your head. 
Hair follicle replication is a form of medical tattooing. It can give the look of a full head of hair and side burns to just covering up a small bald spot or receding hair line. It gives the look of closely shaved hair and can be matched to fit the client’s hair personal hair color. It can even cover scars on a person’s skin like a regular tattoo.
The procedure was invented by the Histyl Company in Britain but does plan on coming to America this summer. The permanent procedure takes about 3 hours and requires a follow-up appointment.

Religion for Modified Indivuals

The body modification world is not just full of people trying to look freak and weird. There are people out there who believe body modifications help them spiritually, in an earlier post I wrote about “Stalking Cat” who said his modifications where done to bring him closer to his spiritual animal guide of the tiger. There is even organized religion of people whose body modifications have made them more spiritual.

Church of Body Modification (CoBM) as originally founded in 2000 by Steve Hawthorne who was a groundbreaker in the body mod world. Allegedly the religion as started for people who where modified to rely on if they got fired from there job. The church could then sue for religious discrimination.

As of 2008 the church had been reformed and organized and is now a recognized non profit religion in the United States of America. It is incorporated in Pennsylvania, before it was in Arizona. From what I was able to find out the church practices are ritual of body manipulation to test the limits of the body and spirit of its member. Manipulation events include suspension, hook pulling, fasting, corsetry, fire walking and other things that would test a person’s spirit and body.

Any person who is feels a spiritual connection from their modifications or wants to gain a more spiritual connection through modifications and manipulations can apply for membership.  Any tattoos, piercings, or more serious modifications are what they consider under their definition of being modified. 

Here is the CoBM Mission State as written on their website (link can be found below)

We, the congregation of the Church of Body Modification, will always respect our bodies. We promise to always grow as individuals through body modification and what it can teach us about who we are and what we can do. We vow to share our experiences openly and honestly in order to promote growth in mind, body, and soul. We honor all forms of body modification and those who choose to practice body modification for any reason. We also promise to respect those who do not choose body modification. We support all that join us in our mission and help those seeking us in need of spiritual guidance. We strive to share a positive message with everyone we encounter, in order to act as positive role models for future generations in the body modification community. We always uphold basic codes of ethics and encourage others to do the same. We are a dynamic community, always growing and changing, continually promoting safety, education, and experience in body modification.

Here is the CoBM Statement of Faith as taken from their website (link can be found below)

As followers of this faith, it is our purpose to educate and inspire, to share ideas, and to help each other achieve our dreams. We strive to unify and strengthen our mind, body, and soul so we can overcome any challenges we may encounter. We assert and protect our rights to modify our bodies and to practice our rituals.
We believe our bodies belong only to ourselves and are a whole and integrated entity: mind, body, and soul. We maintain we have the right to alter them for spiritual and other reasons.
Affirmation of our living, breathing, physical beings is paramount to our self-identities and helps us define who we are. The Church of Body Modification promotes affirmation and growth of a more expansive perspective of our physical and spiritual being.

I gathered my information from CoBM’s website and BMEZINE Wiki

Hand Web Piercing

Imagine this scenario,  you meet someone and go to shake their hand, you feel something odd between their fingers, thinking it’s a normal ring you look down to see, gasp, a captive bead ring pierced through the skin between their fingers.
Hand web piercings are usually not noticeable until you are looking right in that area. They don not jump out at you like a lip ring or eyebrow piercing would.
They are normally done with a captive bead ring but can a barbell can be used. The common placement for these uncommon piercings is between the thumb and forefinger but can go between any fingers. A good experienced piercer is necessary due to the high rate of rejection due to poor placement in between the fingers.
Hand web piercing is believed to be dangerous but is not. They do have to be cleaned more than a regular piercing due to all the germs that can get in them from all the things we touch with our hands. Healing takes about 3- 6 months. Also, it is good to tape the surrounding fingers together if possible while healing. This will relive stress and pain to the piercing. 

Old Skool vs Custom

One of my favorite things about tattoos is showing it to other people and seeing their tattoos. You never know what you might find on someone. There could be a beautiful custom design that blows your mind, or and a classic from the old school days. Both kinds are great and have good and bad things about them. Neither one is better than the other.

Tattoos have come along way since their beginnings. Now instead of being controls tapped with a needle from something outside and a stick we have machines. Color isn’t so rare, there are more styles and designs than are ancestors could ever imagine. The styles today are amazing, but we still have old styles of yester year. The most popular is the old school style of tattoos. You know skulls, pinup girls, military tattoos, roses, hearts, and stars. These tattoos are very popular even now; everyone should be able to appreciate a classic old school tattoo.

 Many people think having a tattoo that everyone else has is bad. No one wants to show up somewhere and have the same tattoo as someone else. Old school tattoos are mostly found on flash walls (designs in tattoo shops that have many pre drawn deigns for customers to choose form if not wanting a custom drawn design). While those designs are some of the groundbreakers of modern tattooing (tattoo machine era) you have to wonder how many other people are going to have that same tattoo.

Custom tattoos are beautiful no matter what the design is. The beauty comes from the fact that is yours and yours alone. No one else is going to show up to a party with that tattoo. It’s hard to compete with that.

But they don’t have they don’t have the connection to the earlier days of modern tattooing. When you meet someone with an older tattoo gotten back when old school was new that is like one on you it must be pretty cool.I love having tattoos that where drawn custom for me that no one else has, but I have always loved the old school panthers and sugar skull tattoos. They have a certain charm that I can’t seem to explain.


Branding is a popular way of marking things, like cattle. Some extreme fraternities even apply brands to their members for initiation purposes. But now they are becoming more and more popular as a voluntary form of decorating ones self.

For anyone that doesn’t know branding is when a hot, or in some rare cases cold, Iron is used to heat a persons skin making a permanent, hopefully raised, scar in some sort of design or shape.

In some gangs and prisons, people will get these instead of the more traditional method of tattooing to initiate a person. Like I said before some extreme fraternities use brands to initiate members. Former President George W. Bush is rumored to have been apart of the Delta fraternity at Yale while they where allegedly branding the backsides of members with the shape of a Delta. Branding was also seen in the movie Jackass II when Bam Margera received a brand a penis on his butt. Also branding was seen in the movie Jarhead as a Marine initiation process. Brandings have also been used to associate slaves with their owners if they where lucky enough to escape but unfortunately be caught.

While the hot iron method is very common now a person can get a brand with a laser in a somewhat surgical process. The cold method is the as the hot iron just intensely frozen cold is pressed onto the skin to make the design.

The pain is so to not be as bad as one would think, it is mostly psychological. The real pain is said to be during the healing process, especially if the body part is touched or moved. The aftercare is quite basic, many people say to just leave it alone. Other people will irritate the brand by using rough brushes or similar things but this can cause uneven rising of the scar. Healing takes 2 to 6 months and during the healing the brand will go back and forth between looking good and gross until fully healed. Some people with tattoo over or around the brand once fully healed to give it a more apparent look.

As with any body art or modification have a brand done by an experienced person, not your fraternity brother while drunk.

Pierced Cheeks

A person’s cheeks can be the cutest part of them, especially when they have dimples. But if a person doesn’t have those desired dimples on their face they can get them with a piercing.

Cheek piercings can form a dimple on the cheeks of people without them. But don’t count this piercing out if you already have a dimple, they look cute on anyone. Well as cute as a piercing can be.
This piercing was made popular by TLC L.A. Ink’s Pixie Acia who has a small very cute face that is great for cheek piercings
  The piercing is right at the sweet spot on the mouth. To find your sweet spot place your finger (remember to wash your hands first) in your mouth with the fingertip at the back of your mouth and drag into a hook shape. Where your finger tip ends is the sweet spot.   

Labret studs are normally used for jewelry. The flat backs are to reduce any damage that could be caused to teeth and gums. There will be lots of swelling so longer jewelry will be used for starter jewelry but can be replaced by shorter jewelry once the healing period is over. Like any oral piercing, the holes will take a long time to heal due to all the tissue.

As with any less common piercing make sure your piercer has experience with successful cheek piercings. Also, the piercing should not be further back than first molars.