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Micro Dermal Piercings: an alternative to Surface Piercings

In one of my earlier posts I talked about surface piercings. If these sounded interested to you but the idea that they have a high rejection rates, 80% I just found out, you could try a much safer alternative, micro dermal piercing aka surface anchor.


A surface anchor only has one hole and can be done with a regular piercing needle but is suggested to be done with a micro dermal punch. Like any out of the ordinary piercing make sure your piercer has experience with the piercing you want, and ask to see pictures of some they have done.

The procedure is said to be quite simple. The skin is pinched and the punch (type of needle used) is inserted then removed. Then the base of the jewelry is put in place. The jewelry resembles a foot almost. The base has small holes on it for tissue to grow into to anchor the jewelry in as the piercing heals, thus giving piercing its name, surface anchor. The heel of the jewelry is put in carefully. Then an attachment either being a bead, gem of some sort, cone or other attachment, (a wide variety are available) is screwed into the part that sticks up from the base. The jewelry used is 14 gauge, the same as most nipple and tongue piercings.


Here is the procedure of 3 hip surface anchors on You Tube

While Surface Anchors will bleed for longer and more than normal piercings after they are done, they only have a 2% rejection rate. The hole takes about 1-3 months to heal. Popular places are at the sides of eyes, but can be done almost anywhere.  The attachments just screw in and out easily and do not need to be changed by a professional, but if you decide to remove the piercing all together have it completely removed by your piercer.





Glow in the Dark Tattoos?

Things that glow in the dark or glow under black lights are always fun. Going to a dance is always more fun when you have a glow necklace. Who doesn’t remember or still go to the bowling alley for neon or galactic bowling with the black lights turned on and the balls, white clothing and random other things in the bowling alley start to glow. Those cool black light poster in your room that glowed only when that special black light bulb came on. Or a tattoo that appears to be a regular tattoo until you are in the dark or under a black light then becomes something different. Wait glow in the dark tattoos?

Are they just a temporary tattoo that washes off the next day? No, you can get a permanent tattoo that glows.(More below pictures)

There are two types of glowing tattoos. Tattoos that glow in the dark, and those that glow under a black light. Both types sound like they might be a health risk. However, those with ink that glows in the dark on its own is much more dangerous. No brand of this ink has ever been FDA approved. Anything that glows in the dark on its own contains chemicals called phosphors. I am no chemist, but that doesn’t sound like something you should introduce into your body. It has been known to cause cancer and other health problems.

Then there is the safer, but still somewhat risky, black light or ultraviolet (UV) tattoo ink. Just like other black light objects it glows when under a black light. There are some black light inks that have been approved so make sure if you get a black light tattoo the ink your artist uses has been approved. For instance I know Crazy Chameleon inks are approved.

Some black light tattoos contain only black light ink and are completely invisible until under a black light. Others have regular tattoo ink mixed in giving you a normal tattoo you can still see in normal light, then once under a black light it is brought to a whole new glow level.

When getting one these tattoos, be sure to check with the shop you plan on going to and check if they offer them. Due to the risks involved they are not offered at every shop. Also, ask to see the ink bottle used and check for FDA stamp of approval. One approved brand is Crazy Chameleon. Also consider all the health risks involved and do a little research for yourself. If you want a glow in the dark tattoo but are too scared of the risks, there are temporary glow in the dark tattoos.